Fuerteventuras Underwater World

The underwater world of Fuerteventura is well worth exploring; sea temperatures range from 18-24 degrees, making it comfortable year round and with visibility ranging between 25-45 meters, you’ll get to see a lot of marine life.

Scuba diving schools all over the island offer a variety of try dives, classes/courses, dive excursions, snorkel trips and for those that don’t want to get wet you can always head out and explore the underwater world with a glass bottom boat tour.

With drops offs, reefs, wrecks, caves and tunnels there ares a great variety of seascapes to explore.

Sting ray swimming in the water in Fuerteventura
Sting Ray in Fuerteventua
When Diving look out for:
  • Angel Sharks,
  • Canarian Lobster,
  • Amberjacks,
  • Tuna,
  • Whale Sharks,
  • Hammerhead Shark,
  • Rays
Close up shot of a cuttlefish underwater
Close up of a cuttlefish
When snorkeling look out for:
  • Octopus,
  • Cuttlefish,
  • Needle fish,
  • Trumpet fish,
  • Scorpion Fish,
  • Moray Eels,
  • Rays

Note: Rocky areas are better than pure sandy bottoms, although keep an eye out for sole, plaice, angel sharks (they like to bury themselves) and garden eels in sandy areas.

A Scorpion Fish (box fish in the background)
A Scorpion Fish (box fish in the background) (The spines have poisonous venom, so look but DON’T touch!)
You will often see:
  • Parrot fish,
  • Wrasse,
  • Breams,
  • Damsel fish,
  • Jacks,
  • Grunts,
  • Groupers,
  • Gobbies,
  • Blennies
  • Mullet

If you are REALLY lucky you might even see a Loggerhead Turtle (Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback and Kemp’s Ridley are also spotted in the Canary Islands, but rarely).

A Loggerhead Turtle - the most frequently sighted turtle in the Canary Islands
A Loggerhead Turtle – the most frequently sighted turtle in the Canary Islands

Scuba schools also offer nitrox dives, night dives and specialist training. Those with plenty of experience may also like diving the caves in Ajuy. All scuba centres speak a range of languages and really are helpful – this is not mass scuba (in-and-out) like in other places, the scuba schools have great reputations and a lot of happy customers.

For snorkelers, you can hire equipment from scuba schools, or purchase a basic mask and snorkel kit whilst you are here (if you didn’t bring kit with you). Be aware of currents and if you are heading out on your own, make sure you let someone know.
There are a variety of boat excursions running from Corralejo,  Caleta de Fuste and Morro Jable. Head on out for the day and you may encounter

  • Dolphins,
  • Whales
  • Flying fish.

Most excursions head just off the east coast, where sightings of dolphins are quite frequent. There are also sport fishing excursions too.